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Estate Planning and Legal Aspects

An estate plan for a graceful transition is about more than transferring wealth or optimizing taxes. It is about (but not limited to) intentions, values, relations, legacy, and the desire to make positive change in the world. The solutions we help you implement now ensure your wealth goes where you want it to go when it’s time.

It can feel uncomfortable to think about life when we are no longer here. But leaving a messy, potentially costly legacy is unfair to you and those you leave behind. Working together, we help you consider what happens beyond your lifetime.

How We Plan

Our goal is to remove the barrier of discomfort in addressing estate, corporate, and succession planning solutions. We implement solutions to integrate your personal and professional financial plans efficiently. We assist you in fully implementing integrated and tailored strategies that help grow and preserve your wealth, cash flow management, and minimize tax. 

We will help you evaluate:

  • Strategies to transfer your assets
  • Implications of titling
  • Give meaning to success
  • Carry out special wishes

The level of complexity depends on your financial life stage, responsibilities, and valued direction for your estate. We prepare you to meet with tax and legal experts and participate in consultations for more complex needs when required.

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Advanced Planning Counsel

Lawyers, accountants, and trust and estate practitioners with estate and tax planning expertise coupled with a deep understanding of life insurance are available to those who require it.

We respect any existing relationship with your investment advisor, private wealth investment counsellor, portfolio manager, etc. Our esteemed experts can work with your tax and legal professionals through a consultative and in-depth process.

Interested in learning more, please call our Principal Advisor, Vaneesa Cline, at 403.862.3905.

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