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Retirement Planning

Did you know that retirement may be your most significant expense? Regardless of your age, it’s never too early to start planning. We focus on your financial well-being to help ensure you can still do the things you planned for your retirement and enjoy what could be the happiest years in life.

How We Plan

We want our clients to have security and financial independence for all stages of retirement, including getting ready to retire, having full leisure time, reconciliation and health and lifestyle stability. This is done by:

  • Creating an adaptable strategy that considers all stages of retirement and helps you achieve your vision of your desired lifestyle.
  • Delivering thoughtful advice and service throughout the planning stages.

We analyze assumptions around investment returns, spending patterns, active retirement, inflation, future tax liabilities, longevity, housing costs, healthcare expenses, CPP, OAS, GIS, and much more.

We use the full strength of your balance sheet and resources to create the right mix of asset allocation and location so you can enjoy the best outcome possible.

Before retirement, we help identify a reasonable investment target to live comfortably and advise of the commitment required to get there. It involves comparing the lifestyle in retirement to projected retirement income streams and assets. Retirement savings must be regularly monitored during and after your working life, as circumstances change over time. 

After full-time work has stopped, it is time to look at the decumulation stage. We focus on financial well-being to help ensure you can still do the things planned for during active retirement years and enjoy what could be the happiest years in life.

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Advanced Planning Counsel

We give money meaning and purpose by helping affluent individuals and business owners enhance and safeguard their net worth. Advanced planning solutions include Individual Pension Plans (IPP), Retirement Compensation Arrangements (RCA), and annuities that provide tax-preferred income are common solutions.

Interested in learning more, please call our Principal Advisor, Vaneesa Cline, at 403.862.3905.

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