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Financial Planning and Cash Flow Management.

How we feel about money and our decisions can be awkward, emotional, and sometimes stressful. Understanding your money decisions will gain insight and uncover opportunities to create greater financial efficiencies. It may help maximize your cash flow and provide peace of mind.

Managing cash flow is a critical element of financial well-being. It empowers you to accomplish what you want in life. We see money as a means to:

  • Accomplishing goals
  • Creating happiness
  • Experiencing great adventures
  • Providing security

How We Plan

By aligning it with your needs, values, and goals, we help you curate a plan of where you desire to be in your financial life.

First, we create a living plan that captures a snapshot of your current financial life. If you do not have one, we make a current net worth and a cash flow statement that shows where you spend, save, borrow, and invest today.

We can include personal and corporate cash flow, maximizing uneven cash flow, strategic tax planning, and balancing debt and other planning needs. A Certified Cash Flow Specialist can provide cash flow and income management as part of your integrated financial plan. We also collaborate with professionals who offer services through our professional affiliations. It includes mortgage brokers, banking specialists, and personal and commercial insurance account executives.

Want to scale your business to the next level? Make memories with grandchildren? Pay off mortgage debt years sooner? We help map a timeline of what is required to achieve your vision. One that is easily adaptable to life changes, measures progress, and models alternate scenarios for consideration.

We help you tackle some of life's awkward conversations, so they are not as difficult later. We support you in financial decision-making, provide clarity, and tools that help empower you to make tough decisions. You will appreciate how equal and fair may not be the same and how to solve it, and expertise can make the difference. 

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Advanced Planning Counsel

We offer access to a multi-disciplined team for domestic and global solutions HNW personal and business needs (banking, investing, estate and trust planning, tax minimization, education, business valuation, sale of a business, charitable giving, etc.). For you, it means we do not face barriers to providing holistic financial advice.

Interested in learning more? Please call our Principal Advisor, Vaneesa Cline, at 403.862.3905.

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