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Insurance and Asset Protection

When unplanned things occur, being prepared with good planning will help you pivot and live life. We help you to protect your personal and financial wealth and health. The plan we establish will help you reduce your risks and protect your assets. Helping you weather market downturns, security, changes in health, income loss, or needing liquidity for emergencies.

Together, we create a comprehensive strategy to help you live your life in comfort and with dignity, considering the following:

  • Current health and history
  • Consequences of a life-changing injury
  • Diagnosis of a catastrophic illness
  • Dying too soon
  • Longevity risks
  • Property assets and liabilities

How We Plan

One constant most of us expect in life is change. We compare risk exposure, existing insurance, and available assets to help determine and prioritize your risk management needs. We make recommendations based on the best solutions specific to you. This includes exposure to an unexpected financial loss due to death, disability, and health issues.

We will help you understand which is best to cover gaps, supporting your final decision. We help business owners understand the nuances of Health Spending Accounts (HSA), group benefits, or properly evaluating individual insurance needs can be costly.

Our approach helps determine how much coverage is needed to keep your promises and commitments. Our experience and expertise help us incorporate recommendations of what and how you can best qualify.

We can curate your plan with companies you know and trust since we can access the Canadian marketplace's most diverse financial services solutions, including insurance and wealth management.

We navigate the multitude of life, health, and disability insurance plans available in the Canadian marketplace, so you don't have to.

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Advanced Planning Counsel

For those whose estate and tax planning require sophisticated strategies, we offer actuarial, tax and legal expertise as it applies to the design and custom usage of life insurance, annuities, and segregated funds. We will liaison between you and tax and legal experts when needed.

Interested in learning more, please call our Principal Advisor, Vaneesa Cline, at 403.862.3905.

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