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Integrated Financial Plans

To Address Your Whole Wealth Picture

Helping You Make

Informed Decisions

There are many financial components in your life. You earn, pay taxes, save, borrow, spend, and invest. There may be real estate, business holdings, decisions about when to distribute wealth, preparing for life's what-ifs, planning for life after work, and more. Like many, you are uncertain how retirement will look.

With each financial component created independently of the other, it is no wonder you worry about blind spots.

Our financial planning approach goes beyond investment and saving. We look at how life has unfolded, where you want to go next and see if past decisions have kept pace with what you value today. We support you through the tasks of each part to address those far-reaching concerns and considerations for the future.

The best part is that your life's integrated financial plan is easily understood and implemented.

Together, we’ll address the six financial planning practice areas.

Financial Planning and Cash Flow Management

Managing cash flow is a critical element of financial well-being. It helps give a better understanding of what you can accomplish. We help map a timeline to achieve the vision that aligns with you, provides flexibility, and adapts to life changes.

Insurance and Asset Protection

Being prepared with good planning will help you pivot and live life, whether a market downturn, a change in health, income loss from a disability or needing liquidity for emergencies. The plan we establish will help you when life happens.

Estate Planning and Legal Aspects

It is challenging to consider the unknown. Estate planning is about more than death optimizing taxes. It can help create a graceful transition. The solutions we help you implement now ensure your wealth goes where you want it when it's time.

Investment Planning

We offer professionally managed investments that adhere to a systematic approach to evidence-based investing from names you know and trust. We examine asset allocation and asset location to help you make money and save money.

Tax Planning

Smart, effective tax planning is at the heart of wealth planning and for a good reason. Tax planning can be one of the best ways to increase your chances of reaching your big-picture life goals, and most importantly, preserving wealth.

Retirement Planning

Retirement may be your most significant expense. Regardless of age, it's never too early to start planning. We can help identify a reasonable investment target to help you live comfortably in retirement and advise how to get there.

We Want To Know You

To Understand Your Commitments and Promises

Learning about you starts with a conversation. Where are you now, and what financial milestones do you hope to achieve?  Beyond number crunching, we help you discover your unique needs and implement a plan that secures and grows your wealth. 

We operate with openness and use proven, straightforward approaches to help you stay on track, offer choice, and support you in your financial decisions. You will know what to expect. We establish an agreed-upon timeline for reviewing and evaluating progress and performance and make adjustments as life evolves. 

We have access to a diverse range of financial services solutions in the Canadian marketplace, including banking, insurance, investments, and wealth management. We create your plan using financial solutions with companies you know and trust.

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