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Investment Planning

When your portfolio reflects your preferences and lifestyle, it is easier to see the trajectory needed and the path to achieving objectives. 

We provide choices to grow your money securely. Show you solutions that allow you to pay less tax while saving for retirement. When full-time work ends, we help optimize tax efficiency. We examine asset allocation and asset location to help you make money and save money.

How We Plan

Professional guidance and advice you can feel confident through each stage in life are at our core. We ensure your investment risk tolerance and asset management strategy are a match.

We work with world-class institutional investment managers, names you know and trust,  from a broad range of professionally managed portfolios. Options include low-cost, tax-efficient funds with the opportunity to build sustainability-conscious portfolios for both registered and non-registered accounts. They focus on delivering to capture the market, so you don't have to.

We are uniquely aligned to provide access to preferred portfolios for high-income earners who have not had time for wealth accumulation and build their nest eggs. It includes high yield asset classes beyond traditional fixed income and equities and active strategies usually only offered to wealthier investors.

To support our decision to be inclusive concerning economic empowerment, we have established strategic relationships with award-winning online platforms. This offers easy to manage, low-cost ETF (Exchange Traded Funds) portfolios until you are more comfortable and secure with having more actively managed portfolios. It is never too early to start investing in your future.

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Advanced Planning Counsel

We take great care to curate the private wealth management companies we recommend. They are selected based on having a diversified investment platform, producing a stable, long-term track record with lower volatility than the index. It means your investable assets are harder at work with some of Canada's largest firms. It helps ensure asset location and allocation are maximized. Your personal and professional strategies are well-orchestrated to ensure your big investment picture is still a masterpiece.

Interested in learning more, please call our Principal Advisor, Vaneesa Cline, at 403.862.3905.

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