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Tax Planning

Smart, effective tax planning is at the heart of wealth planning and for a good reason. Tax planning can be one of the best ways to increase your chances of reaching your big-picture life goals, and most importantly, preserving your wealth.

Without a good strategy, tax can be one of the quickest ways to erode gains from an otherwise solid financial plan. Taxes touch almost every component of wealth management, from investment strategies to planning for retirement and your legacy.

Implementing prudent strategies can help cultivate wealth. It may include:

  • Contractually Guaranteed Returns
  • Creating Tax-Efficient Retirement Income
  • Increasing Estate Assets

How we plan

This tax planning is not the rearview accounting strategies resulting from the accountant's tax preparation and CRA filings. It's not even the RRSP and TFSA contribution you make each new year.  With forward-thinking tax planning, combined with understanding, we will help you strengthen your financial position.

Using the right tools to lower taxes can also help preserve considerable wealth, especially for complex financial needs. It allows you to keep more wealth and provide opportunities to achieve better outcomes.  We will liaison between you and tax and legal experts when needed.

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Advanced Planning Counsel

Advanced planning leverages legal, regulatory, and financial expertise to enhance and safeguard you and your family’s net worth.

Care, knowledge, and expertise to navigate the complex nuances of insurance are vital, especially for successful business owners and affluent clients. It can help build a legacy, minimize taxes, and determine those sensitive, far-reaching decisions about the distribution of your wealth.

Interested in learning more, please call our Principal Advisor, Vaneesa Cline, at 403.862.3905.

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